Monday, December 18, 2006

Codfish for christmas

Today I decided for 2 new things.

First, to post here the exact same post as in my other blog (if you are reading the cooking one this is it), chef Nuno where I post my culinary deeds.

Secondly, for some time now, I was willing to introduce something (kind of) invented by me.

Here it is.

Doesn't have a name yet, so I launch a challenge, please post on "comments" the name you would give it, I will then ellect the best name, and the person who wins gets a bottle of Branu wine.

The pics are not the best sorry.

Basicly this is, codfish, some spinachs, sme shrimp, some garlic, some potatoe (both stewed and mashed) all built ito what you see.

I have to confess (modesty aside) it is delicius (I am eating as i write :))


Take care ya'll

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